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A Bookkeeper keeps financial books for a company. They record when a company receives, pays or owes money.


An Accountant provides more of an extensive analysis although they are seen by the IRS as an "unenrolled preparer." This mean an Accountant cannot represent a client when it comes to any matters of the IRS.

A Certified Public Accountant, in addition to school, has to pass a state licence examination, and need an additional 40 hours of continuing professional education every year. Only CPAs can prepare audited financial statements or represent taxpayers before the IRS.

What is the IRS contact information?


- 1-800-829-1040 

- www.IRS.GOV

Louisiana Department of Revenue:

- 1-855-307-3893

- http://revenue.louisiana.gov/

What payment methods are accepted?

What are the differences between an accountant, a CPA and a bookkeeper?

Frequently asked questions:

How long should I keep my tax records for?

The IRS highly recommends keeping your tax returns for 7 years.