Customer Testimonials

My wife and I have employed Mr. Steve Johnson as our CPA for over 10 years in filing not only our personal tax returns but also the tax returns for our professional businesses. Steve has demonstrated repeatedly and consistently his exceptional financial knowledge and prowess, his laser focus to ensuring the accuracy of our tax filings, and his insistence on adhering to IRS rules and regulations to ensure our compliance.  We have complete confidence in Steve’s competencies and could not recommend him more highly.


Greg and Cheryl Bush

"Steven and his team have always done a great job for us. The importance of having a proactive CPA for our business needs is crucial so that we are always in front of changing tax laws and have the ability to properly forecast out our business income. We appreciate the guidance we also get and have found this invaluable."

Sanders Offner 

 I have been a client of Steve Johnson for over a decade. His knowledge of different tax strategies has saved me a lot of money. My first CPA would just plug in the numbers, and tell me what to pay. That firm wasted a ton of my hard earned income. 

 Steve took the time to look at my entire portfolio of investments, and how I earn my income. He then found several ways I could save on my taxes. I was so pleased with the level of service, his expertise and knowledge of tax law and strategy I quickly spread the word to all of my business partners. We all have grown to trust Steve and his firm with all of our income tax needs, and he has always steered us in the right direction. 

 I would strongly urge anyone who may have income tax questions to talk with Steven Johnson first. Your hard earned money will thank you for it!


Nicholas Colombo

River Pilot Inc. 

Having been a client of Busenlener and Johnson for over 10 years I can attest that all members of the staff have always been friendly, thorough and professional whenever I have had questions or needed advice.

I always appreciate them taking the time to look out for my personal needs and not a cookie cutter solution. I also do not wait for a week to get a response to any questions I have.

Justin Farrae